Zweirad Trautwein - Bulls E-Bikes Katalog 2022

More cycling enjoyment and greater range – we offer you some tips on f inding the optimal sitting position and eff icient e-biking. Get the maximum f rom your new eBike and experience the pure joy of cycling. The correct way to sit on your eBike The basis for an optimal seating position is always an e-bike in the right size. With e-bikes in f rame sizes XS to XXL, BULLS makes it as easy as possible. The geometry data from page 136 onwards and, of course, expert advice f rom your BULLS specialist dealer, including an extensive test ride, provide precise information about the right frame size. In three steps to the optimal sitting position Step 1: Adjusting the saddle To determine the correct saddle height, place your foot with your knee almost fully extended on the pedal, which is vertical in the 6 o‘clock position. The eBike should be held upright by an assistant. If the pelvis tilts to one side or if you slide around on the saddle while riding, the saddle is generally too high. If you lose contact with the saddle or if you lift out of the saddle while riding, then the saddle height is too low. In order to prevent discomfort and sit really ergonomically, the saddle position should also be examined and adjusted if necessary. With the pedal in the horizontal position (3 o‘clock), the point just below the kneecap should be vertically above the pedal axis. If this is not the case, the saddle can be pushed back and forth slightly if necessary. Step 2: Adjusting the handlebar position Cyclists who prefer to adopt a sporting posture choose a lower handlebar position. However, a more comfortable handlebar position is recommended on long tours or if aches and pains occur in the hands and neck or when sitting in general. To achieve this, the handlebars are placed slightly higher and the sitting position becomes more upright and relaxed. Step 3: More ergonomics for maximum comfort A suitable sitting position can be found relatively quickly with the help of the first two steps. If the aches and pains persist, Tips for even more fun riding your new eBike 5 M O R E E - B I K E F U N ergonomic components such as grips, handlebars and saddle can be very helpful. Many BULLS eBikes are already equipped with components appropriate to the best possible cycling experience and unadulterated cycling enjoyment. Efficient e-biking: Five tips for maximum range Cycling style, route profile, surface and even the temperature – all these factors have an influence on the battery range. However, if you cycle economically and pay attention to a few things, you should achieve ranges of 75 to 100 km with a 500 Wh battery and moderate assistance – enough for most tours and day trips. Tip 1: Save energy when cycling Full assistance is often not required, especially on a level surfaces and flat sections. Here, you can cycle quickly at a lower output - and really save energy at the same time. Tip 2: Clever shifting The motor efficiency is also increased with the correct cadence. The optimal range here lies between 75 and 90 revolutions per minute. The cadence can be adjusted and the battery saved by being smart when shifting. Tip 3: Cycling with foresight Starting in particular always consumes energy and reduces the range. When you begin cycling, the gear and assistance stage should be as low as possible. This way, the battery is not unnecessarily discharged. Tip 4: Intermediate charging Most batteries can be charged to around 50 % in two hours. It is therefore worthwhile having the charger available on long trips or in the office. Intermediate or partial charging does not harmmodern lithium-ion batteries. By the way: If you would like to calculate the possible range of your eBike in advance, you can find the range assistent in the service area at We hope our tips were useful and wish you a lot of enjoyment with your new BULLS eBike!