Zweirad Trautwein - BULLS E-Bikes Katalog 2023

The FIT drive is a modular system consisting of different battery and display options that are compatible with the various motors. In addition to the tried and tested Panasonic drivetrains, the FIT system also includes the powerful drive by the German manufacturer BROSE. Drive Unit With the BROSE Drive S Mag motor, the FIT system offers exceptionally powerful assistance. BULLS uses it in the Eco and Pro versions. The motors differ in terms of torque and can therefore be precisely matched to the application. For sports use, the BROSE Drive S Mag, which is particularly light thanks to its magnesium housing, offers up to 90 Newton metres assistance. Drive Unit Aboard the S-Pedelec Tourer EVO 11 Speed with assistance of up to 45 km/h, the Panasonic GX Ultimate Pro motor offers maximum drive power with a torque of up to 95 Newton metres. At the same time, it has a modern f reewheel for resistance-f ree cycling and, at just under 3 kg, is very lightweight. Battery The FIT eBike system UltraCore batteries deliver maximum power for minimum installation size. Delivering 555 and 740 watt-hours, the slim and particularly elegantly integrated UltraCore batteries form the basis for long journeys – for example for daily commuting and extended tours. For even more daily kilometres or demanding tours in hilly regions, the UltraCore, at 925 watt-hours, provides maximum capacity in a compact design. To this end, all batteries in the FIT eBike system have a standardized charging plug so that all batteries can be charged by a single charger on a tour. 11 D R I V E T R A I N S