Zweirad Trautwein - BULLS E-Bikes Katalog 2023

Theft and emergency: Modern security, thanks to GPS All BULLS eBikes are standard-fitted with the option of retrofitting an additional GPS module. The Bosch ConnectModule and the IT’S MY BIKE tracker are two systems that offer a variety of interesting functions for a modern and safe eBike experience – from theft protection to emergency assistance. Bosch ConnectModule As part of the Bosch Smart System technology, all BULLS eBikes that are equipped accordingly can be fitted with the Bosch ConnectModule. The necessary component vanishes into a special space in the motor where it is completely out of sight. The module contains its own battery and various sensors for precise localisation of the eBike with the aid of the Bosch eBike FlowApp. This way, owners are always aware of the location of the eBike and can pass this along directly to the police in case of theft. At the same time, the system offers an alarm function to scare would-be thieves away, and the eBike Lock to disable the motor boost via smartphone. IT’S MY BIKE The IT’S MY BIKE tracker is also installed completely out of sight. Once activated, and in conjunction with the associated app, it offers complete anti-theft protection and a dedicated service team* for active and effective support during eBike replacement in the event of theft. The optional emergency assistance feature provides additional safety. Internal sensors within the device can detect falls and alert a pre-set emergency contact. * From € 199 including 3 years connectivity, extension to 5 years possible via the IMB dealer portal (with installation and activation). Further premium services can be booked directly in the app. GPS Module Fotos: IT’S MY BIKE 127 G P S - M O D U L