Zweirad Trautwein - BULLS E-Bikes Katalog 2023

The smart system at BULLS harnesses the latest generation of Bosch drivetrains. The system features powerful and compact motors, state-of-the-art displays, up-to-date controls and an app link. Drive Unit The focus is on the compact Performance Line and Performance Line CX motors. At 75 and 85 Newton metres of torque, they ensure sporty support. The different riding modes are optimally tailored and permit individual and efficient dosing of the additional pedal force. The BULLS eBikes fitted with a CX motor feature extended boost for added thrust boost with targeted pedal pressure. This makes it easier, for example, for eMTBers to overcome obstacles and steep stretches of trail. Battery With a maximum capacity of 750 watt-hours, the integrated PowerTube batteries are particularly powerful and ensure vast range and elevation. They are also available in sizes of 625 and 500 Wh. The PowerPack batteries deliver even more power and have become thinner at the same time. They offer a capacity of 545 to 725 watt-hours and, thanks to the specially adapted frame design, they fit beautifully into the BULLS eBike frames. This is visually appealing and at the same time ensures good aerodynamics along with easy removal and installation. Display The wireless and particularly clear Intuvia 100 display is one of the new highlights of the Smart System. BULLS also uses the new sporty minimalist mini remote control unit, along with the system controller beautifully integrated in the top tube. Another colour display is available as well: the robust KIOX 300, which is particularly distinguished by its versatility. With a corresponding holder, a smartphone can also be used as a display. The ebike Flow app can then be used to make additional settings, install updates or activate additional functions such as the eBike Lock. 7 D R I V E T R A I N S